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  • Prices for international road delivery depend on the size of the vehicle, the place of origin and the final destination.

  • Delivery time of sea cargo depends on the port of departure and port of arrival. For example, shipping from the east coast to Europe usually takes two weeks, while shipping from the west coast to Europe takes four to five weeks. Ships depart on a regular schedule and we can always advise you on the estimated departure and arrival dates for our next ships.

  • Container shipping is a very common method to expedite the movement of household and commercial goods. Your commercial products or household goods are loaded into a protective steel container similar to a semi-trailer (no wheels). The container is loaded onto a sea vessel. Upon arrival, the container can be loaded onto a trailer for delivery to its final destination.

  • Domestic road transport prices depend on distance, route, vehicle size, departure, final destination and pick-up time.

  • Additional marine insurance provides coverage for both loss and damage during maritime transit. Uniworld will provide marine insurance for your shipments upon request (additional charges apply). Due to the low cost of marine insurance, Uniworld recommends all-risk insurance.